At rejse er at leve;
   To travel is to live


Egeskov Slot

I live only a short 8 kilometer bike ride away from the Egeskov Slot (Castle) and I'm amazed at how beautiful it is every time I go. It's the best preserved Renaissance water castle in all of Europe!

Life in Denmark

Just miscellaneous pictures showing my wonderful life here in Denmark


During Intro Camp, we got to go sightseeing in Aarhus (Århus) for a day with the other foreign exchange students. We got to go to Åros, which is the beautiful art museum with the rainbow at the top.

Intro Camp

I had the most amazing week at intro camp with 150 of the Rotary exchange students in Denmark! See my blog entry on intro camp for the full story on everything!

2 Responses to Photos

  • Merhaba Cameron! How are you? I hope you read this email 🙂
    I’m from argentina and in two months i’m going to Turkey in an exchange for one year with Rotary. I read all your post about your year abroad in Turkey, i love it. You make me feel happy about going to Turkey and start my experience, I’m so excited. I hope i can have a year like you, you seem to have a really nice exchance.

  • Love your pictures! Also, miss you! Stay safe.

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globe senior pic squareMerhaba, I'm Cameron Neader.

I'm an 18 year old going on Rotary Youth Exchange to Turkey and I was an exchange student in Denmark in 2013-14.

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